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About Us

About Us

mike-bristol-in-the-bristol-pub-about-usIn 1994, just as the fledgling craft beer industry was starting to gather steam in Colorado, Mike and Amanda Bristol settled comfortably in the lap of Pikes Peak and started hand-brewing fresh, distinctive ales for the locals in Colorado Springs.

Today, our beers are available on draught and in six packs, four packs, and bombers across the state. And Mike and Amanda have been joined by a cast of characters that make magic happen at Bristol every day. Collectively, we are a family of smart, friendly people who really love beer. We love the glorious flavor. We love the global tradition and history. We love the art and science of brewing. And the pure contentment of enjoying a pint at the end of the day.

In 2013, we moved lock, stock, and barrel into a former elementary school, where we happily ignore school rules by brewing and serving beer in the classrooms, including our onsite pub. Built in 1916, the building’s hardwood floors and brick walls, former gym and student artwork radiate charm and a hip but super-friendly vibe.

Bristol Beer Builds Community.

It is by design that Bristol’s award-winning beers remain available only in Colorado. We believe in local breweries and in their ability to build community. We enjoy being able to focus on serving the people who live, work, and play side by side with us in our home state. Supporting our community is simply part of our DNA. In fact, our Benefit Beers program alone generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes within our community annually.

Sustainability Is Our Responsibility.

We’re about as green as a brewery who doesn’t dye their beer on St. Patrick’s Day can be. We have systems in place to recycle water in the brewery, on the bottling line, and in our cleaning process. We employ a heat recovery system in our brewhouse. Our six pack carriers are printed on 100% recycled cardboard. We reward our customers for returning our six pack carriers so they can be reused. We chose to renovate and reuse a 100-year-old building for our operations rather than build something new. Being mindful of our impact is just another way we try to give back.

Quality. Purity. Sanity.

From multi-award winning flagship beers like Laughing Lab Scottish Ale and Beehive Honey Wheat, to our large stable of specialty beers and seasonals, the quality and flavor of the beer drive everything at Bristol. And with over two decades of brewing expertise behind us, we continue to explore and innovate. Our spirited attention to detail in the brewhouse, together with a respect for the heritage of the craft and a genuine love of beer make Bristol a purveyor of truly fine ales and lagers.