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The Bristol Pub

The Bristol Pub

Pub Hours:                                       

Sunday – Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 11pm

Barrel Room, Beer Garden, & Spark Beer+BBQ Hours: 

Thursday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.     

About the Bristol Pub

We make our home inside Ivywild School, an historic 1916 elementary school that we partnered to transform into a local gathering spot with great food and drinks in 2013. Located at the north end of the school’s charming, art-filled hallway, we welcome locals and travelers alike to relax with a pint of fresh Bristol beer straight from the brewery taps. The pub offers a friendly, laid back vibe overlooking the brewhouse and fermentation room, with a classic shuffleboard table, a large, sunny patio, our downstairs Barrel Room, a seasonal beer garden, and our brand new BBQ shack, Bristol’s Spark Beer+BBQ.

We offer food options from our own Spark Beer+BBQ, plus Salad or Bust, Decent Pizza, Lazo Empanadas and Ivywild Kitchen.  Head to the food pod of your choosing to place your order. While they’re making your food, relax with a beer at your table or anywhere in the school. They’ll contact you when your food is ready!

So come hang out with us, talk with your friends, make some new ones. Let’s all share some great beer together!




Red Baron Octoberfest

A hardy beer befitting the celebration and the man it commemorates, Red Baron Octoberfest is a dark lager brewed in the traditional Vienna style. Vienna and Munich malts give our Octoberfest a toasty, dry flavor and ruby color that warm the heart when the leaves begin to fall.

| 5.3% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 | 6-pk Bottles — $11.49 |

Fresh Hop IPA (Collab with Metric Brewing)

On the vine one day, picked, shipped, and in the brew within hours of when we receive it—that’s the magic of our Fresh Hop Pale Ale. In collaboration with Metric Brewing Co., we flash-freezed fresh, whole-cone Strata hops and shattered them by hand to release all the lush dankness. Then we dry-hopped with these in the brite tank for a luscious feast of fresh hoppiness. Or is it happiness?

| 5.1% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $8 | 64oz. Growler — $20 |32oz. Crowler — $15 |

Five Below Cold IPA (Collab with Metric Brewing)

This one is deliciously dry and crisp, with a hop combo that includes Nectaron, Chinook, and El Dorado for a hint of fruit and loads of delectable bitterness. Brewed with our pal Chase (of Metric fame), to celebrate the most auspicious of occasions–Metric’s 5th anniversary.

| 6% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $8 | 64oz. Growler — $20 |32oz. Crowler — $15 |

Yellow Kite Pilsner

Bright gold in color, our pilsner harkens back to its true European origins with abundant flavor that’s also light and refreshing. Pilsen barley lends a traditional malt component, while fine Czech and German hops add a nice snap.

| 5% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 | 6-pk Bottles — $11.49 |

Old No. 23 Barley Wine

2010 winner of the Silver in the Barley Wine-style Ale category at the Great American Beer Festival.
An annual Bristol tradition, Old No. 23 revives an English farmhouse brewery practice of making a complex ale to set aside for special occasions. Our version has massive quantities of malt and hops and a long aging time, resulting in the depth and complexity of a good brandy or single malt scotch.

| 9% ABV | 12oz. Bottle |

Miguel’s Hard Seltzer – Orange Pineapple

| 5.0% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $7 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |




Hazy IPA

Strata, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops give you tons of juicy, dank flavor without a ton of bitterness. Soft and fresh, with pineapple, mango, and citrus aroma notes.

| 6.3% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $8 | 64oz. Growler — $20 | 32oz. Crowler — $15 | 6-pack Cans — $11.49 | 12-pack Cans — $21.49 |

Imperial IPA

No fuss, no frills, just a seriously tasty brew packed with legendary hops for a citrusy, resinous ride. Pungent with hop flavor and aroma, tamed by a solid malt bill and a hefty but manageable ABV.

| 8.0% ABV | 12oz. Pour — $6 | 16oz. Pour — $8 | 64oz. Growler — $20 | 32oz. Crowler — $15 | 6-pack Cans — $11.49 |




Laughing Lab Scottish Ale

Laughing Lab is our most popular brew among beer drinkers and beer judges alike, with nine medals since 1994 at the GABF® alone. A complex blend of specialty malts provides a nutty, roasted flavor that’s mildly sweet, but not too rich. Smooth and luscious! 

| 5.4% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Red Rocket Pale Ale 

The Bristol beer that started it all back in 1994 is lively and hoppy right up front, with a crisp finish–and just enough malt character to provide balance in between. Rocket’s hop character comes from a blend of Perle, Willamette, and Cascade hops. Dry hopped with Cascade for a delectable aroma. An award winner.

| 5.1% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Beehive Honey Wheat 

Definitely sunshine in a glass.  Beehive is a joy to drink, with its beautiful honey-gold color and refreshing, full-flavored body.  For our version of the classic American wheat, we use less two-row and more Munich malt for depth, and soften the edges with the lightness of wheat.  Local Black Forest honey adds character without sweetness.

| 4.4% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Mass Transit Amber Ale

Like the bus on its label, Mass Transit has a mellow vibe and a fiercely loyal following of fans. Based on the amber style, this is a dependable session beer that simply delivers superb flavor. Crystal and Vienna specialty malts give Mass its rich auburn color and easygoing nature.

| 4.7% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Compass IPA

This is an ale with zip. Our India Pale Ale brings together copious amounts of Columbus and Cascade hops in a tasty combination that lingers through the finish and beyond. Compass delivers big hop flavor with malt in a nice supporting role. A favorite with the regulars in our pub. Also available on nitro.

| 6.9% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Ivywild School Pale Ale

Despite the splash of bright tangerine and grapefruit that hits you at first sip, no fruit were harmed in the making of this beer. In fact, our tropical pale ale’s lush aroma and flavor is purely derived from the abundance of fruit-forward hop varieties we added late in the brewing process. Not a lot from the malt department here, just another juicy day in hop paradise.

| 6.9% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $6.50 | 64oz. Growler — $12 |32oz. Crowler — $10 |

Mango Pirate Golden Sour

To craft this beer, our brewers brought together wheat and barley, mango puree–and of course, a carefully selected strain of lactobacillus to do the heavy lifting. The result is a simple, clean sour, light-bodied and refreshing, beautifully cloudy, with a tart finish and just a subtle hint of the tropical. 

| 4.3% ABV | 16oz. Pour — $8.00 | 64oz. Growler — $20 | 32oz. Crowler — $15 |



Create your own sampler!  Choose four draft beers you’d like to try from our Fresh Sheet and/or Flagship menu, and you’ll get a flight of four 5-oz. pours! We suggest tasting them in order from lightest to heaviest. Find your favorite and enjoy a pint, or order a growler or crowler to take home for later!

| $10.00 | Four 5 oz. pours




Belgian Saison

This refreshing saison is a slight departure from our more traditional Belgians. Still brewed with a blend of farmhouse and saison yeasts for that hint of spice and touch of mild fruit, but with Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic hops for a little more kick. Bottle conditioning adds complexity. Gezondheid!

| 750ml — $13.99 |

Belgian Dubbel

Meet our Belgian Dubbel:  A frothy marriage of deep, caramelized richness, fruity undertones, and the lush complexity that bottle conditioning brings. Gezondheid!

| 750ml — $13.99 |


A Final Word:

We absolutely love beer. That’s why we’ve been brewing and drinking it in Colorado Springs since 1994. We opened the Bristol Pub in 2013 because we wanted to create a place with a laid back, community vibe that would make people want to get off the couch and gather with friends to enjoy good conversation over a pint of Bristol and a bite to eat. Come join us!